2017 New York Spring Carousel Sale Sale Prices

Date: Friday, April 7, 2017
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Auctioneer: Adam Fraley
Sale Chair: Eric Craig
Sale Preparation: Chris Reichard & Joan Seidel
Location: Poultry Barn, New York State Fairgrounds
581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

Average on 17 Live Animals: $2,220
1 Package of Embryos: $625 x 3

Pecan Wood Bench to Benefit National Guernsey Convention: $220
Consignor: Roland Ripley
Buyer: Kathy Burns, Vernon Center, NY

Lot #1: Knapps Regis Trotter-ETV – $3,800
Consignor: Daniel Thurston
Buyer: Sheryl Taylor, Cassville, NY

Lot #2: Femara Mo Pie-ETV – $2,800
Consignor:Joseph Piskorowski, DDS
Buyer: Mark Rieben, Trumansburg, NY

Lot #3: Nicleys Anisas Anya-ET – $2,600
Consignor: Nicley, Potter, Chupp
Buyer: John Rymph, Greenwich, NY

Lot #4: Wee Acres Farmstead Macaerna-ETV – $3,200
Consignor: Wee Acres & Farmstead Genetics
Buyer: Jennie Grisafi, Montrose, PA

Lot #5: Substitute – Femara Caden Stella-ET – $2,950
Consignor: Stoltzfus & Piskorowski
Buyer: Susan Ackley, DeRuyter, NY

Lot #6: OUT

Lot #7: Tayl Wind Toro Ariella-ET – $1,500
Consignor: Glenn & Sheryl Taylor
Buyer: Thomas Ripley, Moravia, NY

Lot #8: Toolite Digligle Dream N Desire – $1,900
Consignor: Daniel St.  Pierre
Buyer: Cindy DiCintio, Verbank, NY

Lot#9: Pleasant Knob Fame x Cinnamon – $1,900
Consignor: Caylin Rymph
Buyer: K A Frezzo-Lacelle, Adams Center, NY

Lot #10: Poppydale Prada Giselle-ET – $2,800
Consignor: Elizabeth Trombly
Buyer: Joshua Heess, Shunk, PA

Lot #11: Ripley Farms Nation Catalina – $1,300
Consignor: Seth Ripley
Buyer: Michael Barney, Henderson, NY

Lot #12: Tayl Wind Navajo Anna-ET – $2,000
Consignor: Glenn & Sheryl Taylor
Buyer: Thomas Ripley, Moravia, NY

Lot #13: OUT

Lot #14: Huckins Superman Sage – $1,550
Consignor: Kylie Ells
Buyer: Jerry Sitko, Nescopeck, PA

Lot #15: OUT

Lot #16: OUT

Lot #17: Smithfield Novak Zena – $1,550
Consignor Coon Brothers Farm LLC.
Buyer: John Rymph, Greenwich, NY

Lot #18: Green Slopes A1 Royce – $1,800
Consignor: Macy Walason
Buyer: Brian Walley, Walton, NY

Lot #19: Burgess Farm Navajo Fiesta – $2,000
Consignor: Diane Burgess
Buyer: Misty Koloski, Brownington, VT

Lot #20: Roaring BRK Levi Clementine – $2,000
Consignor: Mark & Mary Meacham
Buyer: Vance Spencer, Troy, PA

Lot #21: Hi Rankin Cookie Beulah – $2,100
Consignor: David Warren Rankin
Buyer: Sean Thurston, Auburn, NY

Lot #22: EMBRYOS – 3 Mutually Agreed Upon Sire x Tamera IVF – $625 x 3
Consignor: Austin & Landen Knapp
Buyer: Foote & Whalen, Hartford, NY

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