2017 New York Spring Carousel Sale Sale Prices

With over 110 people watching via CowBuyer and a packed house around the sale ring, bidders from all over were present to watch 17 live animals and 1 embryo lot sell at the New York Spring Sale on April 7.

Topping the sale at $3,800 was a full sister to Knapps Regis Tambourine. Lot #1, Knapps Regis Trotter-ETV was consigned by Daniel Thurston and followed in her family’s footsteps in showcasing power and strength. Trotter remained in central New York after being purchased by Sheryl and Glen Taylor.

Wee Acres Farmstead Macaerna-ETV was the second highest seller with the gavel being tapped at $3,200. Daughter of Trotacre Yogibear Marli-ET, the 2014 All-American Yearling in milk, is sired by Sniders Option Aaron-ET. The fancy September calf was consigned by Wee Acres and Farmstead Genetics and purchased by Jennie Grisafi of Pennsylvania.

Date: Friday, April 7, 2017
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Auctioneer: Adam Fraley
Sale Chair: Eric Craig
Sale Preparation: Chris Reichard & Joan Seidel
Location: Poultry Barn, New York State Fairgrounds
581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

Average on 17 Live Animals: $2,220
1 Package of Embryos: $625 x 3

Pecan Wood Bench to Benefit National Guernsey Convention: $220
Consignor: Roland Ripley
Buyer: Kathy Burns, Vernon Center, NY

Lot #1: Knapps Regis Trotter-ETV – $3,800
Consignor: Daniel Thurston
Buyer: Sheryl Taylor, Cassville, NY

Lot #2: Femara Mo Pie-ETV – $2,800
Consignor:Joseph Piskorowski, DDS
Buyer: Mark Rieben, Trumansburg, NY

Lot #3: Nicleys Anisas Anya-ET – $2,600
Consignor: Nicley, Potter, Chupp
Buyer: John Rymph, Greenwich, NY

Lot #4: Wee Acres Farmstead Macaerna-ETV – $3,200
Consignor: Wee Acres & Farmstead Genetics
Buyer: Jennie Grisafi, Montrose, PA

Lot #5: Substitute – Femara Caden Stella-ET – $2,950
Consignor: Stoltzfus & Piskorowski
Buyer: Susan Ackley, DeRuyter, NY

Lot #6: OUT

Lot #7: Tayl Wind Toro Ariella-ET – $1,500
Consignor: Glenn & Sheryl Taylor
Buyer: Thomas Ripley, Moravia, NY

Lot #8: Toolite Digligle Dream N Desire – $1,900
Consignor: Daniel St.  Pierre
Buyer: Cindy DiCintio, Verbank, NY

Lot#9: Pleasant Knob Fame x Cinnamon – $1,900
Consignor: Caylin Rymph
Buyer: K A Frezzo-Lacelle, Adams Center, NY

Lot #10: Poppydale Prada Giselle-ET – $2,800
Consignor: Elizabeth Trombly
Buyer: Joshua Heess, Shunk, PA

Lot #11: Ripley Farms Nation Catalina – $1,300
Consignor: Seth Ripley
Buyer: Michael Barney, Henderson, NY

Lot #12: Tayl Wind Navajo Anna-ET – $2,000
Consignor: Glenn & Sheryl Taylor
Buyer: Thomas Ripley, Moravia, NY

Lot #13: OUT

Lot #14: Huckins Superman Sage – $1,550
Consignor: Kylie Ells
Buyer: Jerry Sitko, Nescopeck, PA

Lot #15: OUT

Lot #16: OUT

Lot #17: Smithfield Novak Zena – $1,550
Consignor Coon Brothers Farm LLC.
Buyer: John Rymph, Greenwich, NY

Lot #18: Green Slopes A1 Royce – $1,800
Consignor: Macy Walason
Buyer: Brian Walley, Walton, NY

Lot #19: Burgess Farm Navajo Fiesta – $2,000
Consignor: Diane Burgess
Buyer: Misty Koloski, Brownington, VT

Lot #20: Roaring BRK Levi Clementine – $2,000
Consignor: Mark & Mary Meacham
Buyer: Vance Spencer, Troy, PA

Lot #21: Hi Rankin Cookie Beulah – $2,100
Consignor: David Warren Rankin
Buyer: Sean Thurston, Auburn, NY

Lot #22: EMBRYOS – 3 Mutually Agreed Upon Sire x Tamera IVF – $625 x 3
Consignor: Austin & Landen Knapp
Buyer: Foote & Whalen, Hartford, NY

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