Board of Directors

The New York Guernsey Breeders Cooperative, Inc. is managed by a 12-person board of directors from all throughout New York State. Directors meet twice throughout the year in-person and are in constant communication throughout the year to continue to grow and develop the association.

Wayne Foote, (518)744-7943

1st Vice President
Sharon Littlefield, (315)788-1531

2nd Vice President:
Richard Whalen, (845)677-8220

Natalie Gilbert, (845)757-3821

Roland Ripley, (315)496-2281

AGA District 1 Director, National President
David Coon, (845)518-0732

Directors At-Large: 

Elizabeth Couillard, (518)353-1386
Cathy Littlefield, (315)771-4479
Dan Ripley, (315)496-3220
Lynnette Wright, (614)561-3382
Sheryl Taylor, (315)292-4230
Terri Neuroth, (315)221-0842

Membership Roles:

Website & Communications:
Lynnette Wright, (614)561-3382

Alison Widrick, (315)778-1227

Youth Advisor:
Christel Axtell, (607)467-4365