New York Annual Meeting Awards Results

The New York Guernsey Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon was held on Saturday, March 25 at The Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, New York. Over 75 adult and junior members traveled to Saratoga from all throughout the state to celebrate New York Guernsey Breeders’ achievements throughout the year and honor those individuals and cows who have gone above and beyond this year.

2017 Junior Award Winners: 


2017 New York Guernsey Princess:
Caylie Axtell, Ripley Farms, Moravia
2017 Achievement Award Winner:
Caylie Axtell, Ripley Farms, Moravia
2017 Calf Scholarship Award Recipient:
Adyson Miller, Chateaugay

Production Award Winners: 

Full list of production award entries, here!

Top 3 Junior-Owned Honorees – 

Total Production: 

  1. Ripley Farms Rivera C Twix, 31,172M – 1116F – 922F
    Elizabeth Ripley, Ripley Farms, Moravia
  2.  Ripley Farms YB C Taffy-ET, 30,007M – 1050F – 896P
    Daniel Ripley, Ripley Farms, Moravia
  3.  Monument View Verdict Raspberry, 29,870M – 1890F – 957P
    Hunter Duval, Monument View Farm, Greenwich

Total Solids: 

  1. Monument View Verdict Raspberry, 29,870M – 1890F – 957P
    Hunter Duval, Monument View Farm, Greenwich
  2. Monument View Response Jolly, 26,620M – 1514F – 877P
    Trey Duval, Monument View Farm, Greenwich
  3. Monument View Conquror Rachel, 22,490M – 1211F – 814P

Herd Production Honorees – 

0-25 Cows:

  1. Monument View Farm, Greenwich, 9 Cows – 21,997M – 1129F – 745P
  2. Wee Kin Farm, Albion, 10 Cows – 20,867M – 933F – 686P

100+ Cows:

  1. Ripley Farms, Moravia, 175 cows – 19,881M – 1129F – 745P
  2. Coon Bros. Farm, Amenia, 122 cows – 16,229M – 792F – 547P

Living Lifetime Total Solids: 

  1. Ripley Farms Blaze Yogi, 9397F – 8037P – 17434TS
    Ripley Farms, Moravia
  2. Wee Kin Farm Geniveves Genny, 9101F – 6247P – 15348TS
    Wee Kin Farms, Albion
  3. Ripley Farms Chal Coni-Gail-ET, 7395F – 5800P – 13195TS
    Ripley Farms, Moravia
  4. Ripley Farms Rlty Renee-ET, 7704F – 5447P – 13151TS
    Ripley Farms, Moravia
  5. Ripley Farms Curtis Dina, 6754F – 4813P – 11567TS
    Ripley Farms, Moravia

Most Improved Dam-Daughter:
Coon Bros. Farm LLC, Amenia
Dam – Smithfield Atlantic Molly F76
Daughter – Smithfield Daunte Merigold VG85
Sire – Oak Knob Legacy Daunte