2017 NJGS-Harrisburg Show Results

All American Dairy Show

All New York bred and owned animals placing within the top 10.

Spring Heifer Calf (9): 

3. Littlefields Prada Daydreamer
Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Breeder & Owners: Jocelyn Widrick
8. Littlefields Tiller Fefe-ETV
Sire: Trotacre Loral Tiller-ET
Breeder: Sharon & Clarence Littlefield
Owner: Kirsten Widrick

Winter Heifer Calf (21):

8. Thurston Ripley APie Scarlet-ETV
Sire: Indian Acres American Pie
Breeder: Jeff & Sean Thurston
Owner: Daniel Ripley
10. Clover-Patch Bowman Laura
Sire: Flambeau Manor Bowman-ET
Breeder & Owner: William Rumovicz

Fall Heifer Calf (17):

7. Nicely Ripley Aaron Panda-ETV
Sire: Sniders Option Aaron-ET
Breeder: Nicely, Tormoehlen, Potter, Croshaw
Owner: Abigail Ripley
9. Monument View Rascal Jujube
Sire: Monument View Conqueror Rascal
Breeder & Owner: Trey Duval

Summer Yearling (13):

3. Monument View Senator Ramona
Sire: Rocky Hill Fame Senator
Breeder & Owner: Hunter and Trey Duval
8. Knaps Ripley Kojack Tamora-ET
Sire: Dix Lee Tiller Kojack-ET
Breeder: Austin and Landen Knapp
Owner: Benjamin Axtell
9. Knapps Ripley APie Allie-ETV
Sire: Indian Acres American Pie
Breeder: Nicley, Tormoehlen, Potter
Owner: Abigail Ripley
10. Nicely Ripley LStar Leylah-ET
Sire: Springhill J Lone Star-ET
Breeder: Troester, Nicley, Croshaw

Spring Yearling Heifer (13):

2. Littlefields Prada Spirit
Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Breeder: Sharon Littlefield
Owner: Jocelyn Widrick
5. Littlefields Prada Destiny
Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Breeder & Owner: Kirsten Widrick
10. Femara Rosie
Sire: Marodore Gary Pistoll
Breeder: Dr. Joesph Piskorowski
Owner: Owen Hill

Junior Two Year Old Cow (11): 

4. Ripley Farms AP Rosalena-ET
Sire: Indian Acres American Pie
Breeder & Owner: Daniel Ripley
5. Toolite Crunch Hailey
Sire: Jens Gold Aaron Crunch-ET
Breeder: Jason Tooley
Owner: Kirsten Widrick
7. Trin lea Payday Pina Colada
Sire: Up the Creek Crunch Payday
Breeder & Owner: Trina Bigelow
10. Monument View Geo Jen
Sire: Golden J Leg George
Breeder & Owner: Trey Duval

Senior Two Year Old Cow (4):

3. Ripley Farms CD Tallandra-ET
Sire: Ripley Farms Aaron Cordell
Breeder & Owner: Esther Ripley

Junior Three Year Old Cow (3): 

3. Hearts Desire Astro Peanut
Sire: Sniders Fames Astro
Breeder: Donette Elliot Fisher
Owner: Brooke Andera

Four Year Old Cow (6):

3. Ripley Farms YB C Eliza
Sire: Edgewater Meadows Yogibear-ET
Breeder & Owner: Elizabeth Ripley
4. VLF Yogibear Delight
Sire: Edgewater Meadows Yogibear-ET
Breeder: Emily Washburn
Owner: Kirsten Widrick
5. Monument View Farm Jubilee
Sire: Millborne Tiller Fays Fame
Breeder & Owner: Trey Duval

Junior State Herd: 2nd Place

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