2017 NGS-Louisville Show Results

All New York bred and owned animals placing within the top 10.

Summer Yearling Heifer (15):
9. Monument View Senator Ramona
Sire: Rocky Hill Fame Senator
Breeder & Owner: Hunter and Trey Duval

Spring Yearling Heifer (13):
7. Littlefields Prada Spirit
Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Breeder: Sharon Littlefield
Owner: Jocelyn Widrick
10. Red Rage Latimer Bang
Sire: Coulee Crest Fame Latimer-ET
Breeder & Owner: Red Rage Farm

Fall Yearling Heifer (9):
4. Littlefields VLF Prada Diva-ET
Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Breeder & Owner: Sharon Littlefield & Alison Widrick

Junior Two Year Old (8):
5. Toolite Valeries M Valeska
Sire: Mar Ral Royal Mentor
Owner & Breeder: Toolite Farm
6. Monument View Jackpot Roxy
Sire: Springhill Jackpot
Breeder & Owner: Hunter Duval